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Partigi API - Person Atom Element

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Person element refers to the people that has something to do with an item, i.e. if the item is a film, directors of the film are stored as people.




ptPerson = element atom:entry {


The table below details person schema: 


Element Property Description
entry atom:category Scheme: http://schemas.partigi.com/v1.0#kind
Term: http://schemas.partigi.com/v1.0#person
  atom:updated The last modification time of the item.
  atom:title The name of the person
  ptPerson:id The identfier of the person in Partigi
  ptPerson:name The name of the person in Partigi
  ptPerson:nicename The sanitized name.



An example


<entry xmlns:ptPerson="http://schemas.partigi.com/v1.0/ptPerson">
  <category scheme="http://schemas.partigi.com/v1.0#kind" term="http://schemas.partigi.com/v1.0#person"/>
  <title>Mike Myers</title>
  <link type="text/html" rel="alternate" href="http://www.partigi.com/people/mike-myers"/>
  <link type="application/atom+xml" rel="self" href="http://www.partigi.com/api/v1/people/show.atom?id=mike-myers"/>
  <ptPerson:name>Mike Myers</ptPerson:name>



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