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Partigi API: reviews create

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Create a review of an item for the authenticated user.






atom, json (more about JSON responses)



HTTP Methods:



Authentication Mode:





  • item_id:  The identifier of the item to be reviewed
  • item_type: The type of the item: film, serie, book,... (see item types page).
  • status: The status of the review (see available review status page). The default value is 0.


  • text: The text of the review
  • rating: The rating given to the item by the user. Allowed values are between 1 and 5.




If there are not errors in the request, the review will be created successfully, and the response will be the review in the specified format.


If there were any errors the response will be a an explanation of the error in plain text.


For more information, visit the page HTTP Response Codes and Errors


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